Your grads need your help!

In march of this year, your graduating seniors were finishing up their academic requirements and starting to think about visiting the career center to get help on preparing their resumes and picking up fundamental interviewing techniques. And then, the pandemic closed their campus, canceled graduation and gave them over 25-30 million people to compete for limited jobs! Ugh!

Research by Heldrich showed that 58 percent of graduating seniors did not think their alma mater prepared them for their first professional job search. Imagine that! You could potentially have nearly 60 percent of your young alumni who are leaving campus and not happy with the level of support they received. That will make it nearly impossible to engage them!


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Engage Grads & Young Alumni

You can start off on the right foot with your graduates by delivering career and professional development support to help them transition from college to their careers.

First-Year GRAD Experience

College to career transition support for your grads

Your college adopted a First-Year Experience program decades ago to help students transition from high school to college. Those same students need help in transitioning form college to their careers.

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We can provide you five services designed to support this transition. Those include:


Grad CareerFestival


College to Career BootCamp




Zoom meetings


Career Speaking Series

Grad CareerFestival

72 top career authors and coaches share career tips!

Now entering our 7th year our Grad CareerFestival features 72 of the world's top career authors and coaches who each provide three tips in TEDTalk length lectures. The four-day online career festival is held the fourth week of June and the second week of January. Great graduation present for grads. We provide social media marketing content, flyer, and email templates.

There are four tracks:

  1. Career Management
  2. Jobs Search
  3. Post Graduation Life
  4. Soft Skills

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College to Career BootCamp

100 page workbook encourages grads to create a career plan

This is an awesome interactive career course featuring top career authors. Students are encouraged to listen to TEDTalk length lectures and distill the lecture into three strategies they will implement. Tracks focus on career management, job search, soft skills, and post graduation life. Each lecture includes assignments and resources to reinforce the knowledge shared by the authors.


  1. 100+ page interactive workbook
  2. 36 lectures by top career authors
  3. 150 career resources
  4. 50 career assignments
  5. daily email career enewsletter
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CareerTalk Podcasts

100 page workbook encourages grads to create a career plan

Podcasts are great ways to absorb information and learn new ideas and strategies. This series features interviews with career authors and coaches from around the world who provide new strategies to launch careers, change careers, or prepare for career advancement.

Zoom Coaching Sessions

Everyone needs a coach!

Your grads can participate in weekly group coaching sessions where career coaches develop theme discussions and share strategies and ideas on how to handle them in the workplace. Grad who are starting their careers gain insight on how to respond to collegau


Research shows over 62 percent of graduating seniors will either NEVER visit the career center or only visit once or twice. It's no wonder then that the average grad will take nearly 8 months to land a job and over 40 percent will take jobs that don't require a college degree.

We've got the formula to help you get internships and jobs!

Join the College Career Club to learn the acknowledge and skills need to land a job faster!

Parent Career Community

Give parents access to advice to help guide their students

Parents want to support their students career development, but are not sure what their role should be. Parents can download a pdf copy of the book, The Unemployed Grad, And What Parents Can Do About It, as well as a workbook they can use to give their students a foundation of information to build on. The 60 question quiz will help students understand their they need to start working on their careers starting their freshmen year.