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Linkedin - Your Way to a New Job & Strong Network

It's NOT Facebook. Learn the RIGHT Way To Engage!







LinkedIn is the 800lb guerrilla in the professional networking arena. It is smaller (in signups) than Twitter and Facebook but the networkers are a different type of person, and come to the site with professional and business purpose. This presentation helps you understand what LinkedIn is, where the value comes, and how to get proactive and reactive value from this powerful network.  

  • Introduction to LinkedIn – where’s the value?
  • Optimizing your Profile to BE FOUND
  • Finding key contacts – how to turn over the best rocks
  • Sharing your Personal Brand in LinkedIn
  • How to nurture individual relationships with LinkedIn tools
  • Developing the right strategy for you on 2 minutes or 2 hours a week

If you don't know the culture and language of Linkedin, you could make some significant mistakes that could hinder your job search.  Stop in to this Webinar to learn the ropes!


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GRAD Career Webinar Series

9 Authors and career experts bring "street smarts" and information your graduates need to plan their career, get the interview and keep the job!


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I really like the flyers that are detailing each of the sessions.  We had already printed those out to use in promoting the programs.


Christine's session on choosing a career was incredible, I really enjoyed it!


I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago!




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