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Professionalism & Integrity: Chasing an Authentic Life! 

The way you dress, speak & act is about to change.  The next world demands professionalism.  Learn what it is and how to and how to get it!












Corey Cicocchetti

Corey will share historical examples of professionalism and ethics.  He will compare them to the examples set by contemporary professionals such as professional athletes, lawyers and business executives.

You will hear the story of the iron ring and the professional oath taken by Canadian engineers and learn how you can develop your own version of the iron ring to develop your professional image and foundation.

























GRAD Career Webinar Series

Nine Authors and career experts bring "street smarts" and information your graduates need to plan their career, get the interview and keep the job!


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I really like the flyers that are detailing each of the sessions.  We had already printed those out to use in promoting the programs.


Christine's session on choosing a career was incredible, I really enjoyed it!


I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago!




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