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 Christine Hassler

College graduation is upon you and you are at a crossroads in your life.

You are transitioning into the “real world” and your career path is probably at the top of your mind. There may be a number of changes are happening and you are contemplating your next steps. This webinar is intended to support you in navigating your career path resulting in greater clarity and direction.

During our time together I will share my personal story, discuss the following points and provide live coaching.


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Navigating Your Career Through the Questions of; Who am I, What do I Want, and How do I Get it? 

Not Sure Where to Start Your Career? Pick up Techniques to Help You Find What YOU Want!


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GRAD Career Webinar Series

9 Authors and career experts bring "street smarts" and information your graduates need to plan their career, get the interview and keep the job!


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I really like the flyers that are detailing each of the sessions.  We had already printed those out to use in promoting the programs.


Christine's session on choosing a career was incredible, I really enjoyed it!


I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago!




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