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Fireproof Your Job!  Tips to Keep it When You Get It!

Do You Know What to do the First 6 Months You Get Your Job?







Roz Usheroff

When you get your first job, do you know the secrets to:

  • Making a good first impression?
  • Keep those you report to aware of your progress?
  • Finding an influential internal mentor to help protect you and champion you?
  • Avoid the 5 most common mistakes people make when they get their job?

You are stepping into a whole new arena.   You won’t have lenient professors giving you additional time to finish projects.  You won’t have the luxury of doing things on your time schedule.

You will have bosses, and their bosses all looking over their shoulder and expecting you to accomplish more in less time, with less oversight.  You will also have customers who will report back to your boss and provide candid feedback on how you are doing in solving their issues.    

Roz works with some of the top companies in the world to help their staff become more sensitive to making a good first impression.  Now you get the benefit of Roz’s experience to make sure you “Fireproof” yourself.  

The tips, ideas and proven techniques you pick up from this Webinar will go a long way to helping you advance QUICKLY within the first 6 months in your first job!

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