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Diane Darling

The Stanford Shyness Clinic has found 60% of American considers themselves shy?  What about you?  Do you feel uneasy about walking in a room and networking?  Do you go to events and cling to one person the whole time?

You are not alone!

Diane will share with you:

  • Proven tips to meet and greet people
  • How to get over your shyness and make networking work for you
  • Examples of how others build their network one handshake at a time
  • Techniques to build your network
  • Why you need to periodically prune and water your network
  • Successful ways to reach out to your network

This Webinar will help you shape how you network for the rest of your life.  Join us.  Don’t waste 10 years trying to figure out how to do this on your own.  Diane will provide easy to adopt and proven techniques you can run with!

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Networking for Career Success!

The Graduates Guide to Building a Powerful Network!



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I really like the flyers that are detailing each of the sessions.  We had already printed those out to use in promoting the programs.


Christine's session on choosing a career was incredible, I really enjoyed it!


I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago!




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