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Build a support team to guide your career!


Build YOUR own Team

You might have recognized that the titles of our career support postions are similar to terms you hear in the movie industry.  

  • Actors have acting coaches that help them prepare for auditions and roles
  • Managers, to help them develop a career strategy
  • Agents, to market and promote them to producers and studios  

Learn how you can use TalentCoaches help you with career exploration and developing your leadership skills, TalentMentors to connect you to alumni who are in the industries and careers you are interested in, TalentManagers to help manage your career and job search process and TalentAgents to help you get a job!

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 You can surround yourself with a powerful career support team who will provide you the advice, guidance and skills you need to get a job in this incredibly competitive era!






Your TalentTeam will help you:
  1. Pick a rewarding career path
  2. Understand what you “should” be doing
  3. Build your self esteem
  4. Create a powerful search strategy
  5. Create a strong brand identity
  6. “Nail” interviews 
  7. Find relevant job opportunities
  8. Connect you with alumni
  9. Challenge and “nudge” you
  10. Create a written Career Plan
Which will result in you having a more satisfying and financially rewarding career with less anxiety, hassles and work!
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