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Career Webinars for Graduates
     presents on: 

Wednesday October 6th
     from 3:00 to 4:00 PM EST


Professionalism & Integrity: Chasing an Authentic Life! 

The way you dress, speak & act is about to change.  The next world demands professionalism.  Learn what it is and how to and how to get it!

Webinar Overview


You may be one of the few graduates this year that will get a job where you can continue to look and act like you are still in college! But the vast majority of graduates, will need to pick up a new wardrobe, learn a new language (called business speak) and rapidly adjust to how things work in the real world.

While the new world you are entering will require you to adopt a new look, it will also demand a new attitude and ethics.You are about to enter a world that will require you to become - professional.

Corey will share historical examples of professionalism and ethics and compare them to the examples set by contemporary professionals such as professional athletes, lawyers and business executives. You will hear the story of the iron ring and the professional oath taken by Canadian engineers and learn how you can develop your own version of the iron ring to develop your professional image and foundation.

You'll also learn how society judges its professionals – especially by the way they speak, think, dress, listen – and what character attributes society expects of its professionals.  You don't want to play the game?  You better understand the consequences now!

You'll also learn why its important today to develop a benchmark, a foundation for your own ethics.  It starts with being honest about yourself.  According to research by CareerBuilder a large percentage of job seekers lie on their resumes:

  • 38 percent had embellished their responsibilities
  • 18 percent admitted to be lying about their skill set
  • 12 percent indicated their start and stop dates were incorrect
  • 10 percent admitted lying about their academic degree
  • 7 percent indicated they had lied about the companies they had worked for and
  • 5 percent disclosed they had lied about their job title.  

Now is as good a time as any to develop your professional persona and establish your ethics. You don't have to figure this out on your own.  Join Corey as he shares with you how you can create your own 'brass ring' to guide your professional and ethical persona.

About Corey Ciocchetti     Testimonials

Professor Corey Ciocchetti is passionate about "authentic success" – in other words, a life filled with genuine contentment, strong personal relationships and a solid character. In fact, Corey views authentic success as a prerequisite to achieving true happiness in life.

As a professional speaker, his message is applicable to audiences in every type of business and organization as well as colleges and secondary schools.

Speaking to thousands of people each year, he presents a message that will not only stick with you, it will leave you genuinely challenged. Audiences routinely refer to his messages as outright addicting. No matter the setting, venue or occasion, Corey's message will engage your mind and motivate your heart to chase authentic success.

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