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Career Webinars for Graduates
     presents on: 

Wednesday November 10th
     from 3:00 to 4:00 PM EST


Linkedin - Your Way to a New Job & Strong Network

It's NOT Facebook. Learn the RIGHT Way To Engage!

Webinar Overview


LinkedIn is the 800lb guerrilla in the professional networking arena. It is smaller (in signups) than Twitter and Facebook but the networkers are a different type of person, and come to the site with professional and business purpose. This presentation helps you understand what LinkedIn is, where the value comes, and how to get proactive and reactive value from this powerful network.  

  • Introduction to LinkedIn – where’s the value?
  • Optimizing your Profile to BE FOUND
  • Finding key contacts – how to turn over the best rocks
  • Sharing your Personal Brand in LinkedIn
  • How to nurture individual relationships with LinkedIn tools
  • Developing the right strategy for you on 2 minutes or 2 hours a week

If you don't know the culture and language of Linkedin, you could make some significant mistakes that could hinder your job search.  Stop in to this Webinar to learn the ropes!

About Jason Alba     Testimonials

Jason Alba is the CEO and creator of JibberJobber.com, a web-based system to organize and manage a job search (and the networking you do between job searches).  

Jason is a certified Personal Branding Strategist and popular blogger and speaker about career management and social tools for professionals.  Jason wrote I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???, one of the first books on using LinkedIn.  He also wrote I’m on Facebook – Now What??? and is finishing two more books (Eight Lunches, for entrepreneurs and a book on social etiquette). Jason maintains several blogs including JibberJobber.com/blog, and contributes to the AOL Jobs blog. In his spare time he created the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD.  

Jason has an IT and business background and earned a Computer Information Systems degree and an MBA.


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