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Career Webinars for Graduates
     presents on: 

Wednesday, December 1st
     from 3:00 to 4:00 PM EST


Crack the Hidden Job Market-

Graduates - Learn How to Beat 1001-to-1 Odds to Win Your Dream Job or Internship!

Webinar Overview


You’ve invested 4 years (or more) to acquire the knowledge to be successful in your chosen career!  But have you invested any time to learn how to find the job you really want? 

Don Asher will share with you proven techniques to help you get the job you want.  Did you realize that more than half of jobs change hands in an invisible job market?  That’s right you’d never hear about them, unless, you attend this Webinar!

Don will share with you:

  • How to find those jobs and get them before they're announced!
  • What the research says about hidden job market
  • How to get total strangers to help you in your job search
  • Why looking for work online may take forever
  • The strength of weak ties
  • How to beat the competition

You don't have to work so hard to get a job.  Join us to learn the inside secrets and proven strategies Don has documented and shared with thousands of others.


About Donald Asher     Testimonials

Donald Asher is an internationally recognized author and speaker on the topics of careers and higher education.

In America he is known as “America’s Job Search Guru” and is well known for having written The Overnight Resume, How to Get Any Job, Who Gets Promoted (named business book of the year 2008), and the best-selling guide to getting into graduate school, Graduate Admissions Essays.

He is the author of twelve books in all, available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese. He is co-author of a new book on elite scholarships, The Best Scholarships for the Best Students, and author of the forthcoming Cracking the Hidden Job Market.

Asher has been the career columnist for USAirways Magazine, education columnist for MSN, and a contributing writer for the Wall Street Journal’s CareerJournal.com and CollegeJournal.com, college.monster.com, monster.com, careerbuilder.com, wetfeet.com, Dow Jones’ Managing Your Career Magazine and National Business Employment Weekly, The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Examiner, and the NACE Journal. Asher holds the master of human resources and organization development from the University of San Francisco, and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy-religion from Reed College.

He is a featured speaker over 150 times per year, including recent lecture tours in Canada, Mexico, India, China, South Korea, and Germany, where he spoke about international career trends and the borderless career. He presents at over 100 colleges and universities annually.


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