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 FAQ’s for Students


  1. Are less than 25% of graduating seniors getting jobs?
  2. Why do I need a TalentCoach?
  3. Why should I take a TalentCourse?
  4. What does TalentMarks do?
  5. Why can’t I get career exploration and training and coaching from my career center?
  6. What is a TalentTeam?
  7. What are the TalentCourses?
  8. How will a TalentManager help me?
  9. How will a TalentAgent help me?
  10. How can I get alumni from my college to mentor me?


1. What does TalentMarks do?

TalentMarks provides career coaching and training to graduating seniors and alumni.  We introduce students and alumni to highly competent, certified career coaches.

2. Are less than 25% of graduating seniors getting jobs?

Yes!  In fact the last 3 graduating classes have had less than 25 percent of the graduating class get jobs by graduation day. That means the last three graduating classes are also competing each other for the limited jobs.

3. Why do I need a TalentCoach?

Why does an athlete have a coach?  A coach will help you see things you don’t see.  Your coach will offer suggestions and ideas as you plan your career and will help push, nudge and encourage you to shoot for higher goals.  You end up achieving more with less effort.

4. Why should I take a TalentCourse?

Few people have taken the time to build a career strategy.  Our four TalentCourses are designed to help you not only build a career strategy you can use for life, but to learn what you don’t know so you can “nail” interviews, meet the right people and make a good first impression.

5. Why can’t I get career exploration and training and coaching from my career center?

You can get some training from your career center, but if your career center is like most, they don’t have the resources nor the time.  We take a different tact.  We focus less on your resume and more on your career strategy, what industries are best for you and who you  need to meet to get a job.

6. What is a TalentTeam?

Few people have all the skills necessary to get a job.  That’s why we created a team of professionals who are dedicated to help you achieve your dream job.  You TalentTeam can consist of a TalentCoach, TalentManager, TalentAgent and TalentMentor.  You can pick and choose which of these positions you want on your team.  Add one today and others tomorrow.

7. What are the TalentCourses?

We know you have limited time available to you, and that you have limited knowledge on how to determine which industry/company you’d be most successful at, how to search for a job, organize your job search and even how to interview.  That’s why we created TalentCourses.  These courses can be taught one on one with your Career Coach, in an online classroom environment or On Demand.  We offer 4 courses; Career Exploration, Preparing for Your Job Search, Job Search Execution, Developing Your Network.  Each one builds on the knowledge you learn to make you an unforgettable job candidate.

8. How will a TalentManager help me?

Your TalentManager’s job is to get to know who you are, what you want to achieve and help you make decisions.  They are in it for the long haul, help you search for jobs, review the opportunities, give you feedback on the jobs to keep you focused on the goals and career paths and introduce you to alumni and others who can help you get a job.

9.How will a TalentAgent help me?

Your TalentAgent will search for job opportunities for you.  They will get to know what you want to do, the industries you are looking for and they will focus on actively looking for opportunities in your areas. They will set alerts and use all available tools to send you  the job opportunities that match your profile and interest.  Their job is to sell you to the firms you are interested in. 

10. How can I get alumni from my college to mentor me?

Your TalentManager will help introduce you to alumni who can help you network with other alumni within companies you want to do business with.  TalentManagers will approach alumni and set up an introduction for you.




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