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Increase The Number of Grads That Have Jobs by Graduation Day!


A recent study by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development showed that -

 “58 percent of the graduates surveyed, did not think the career center did well in preparing them for job hunting.

How can they think that when, according to NACE Research, over 61 percent of grads either never visited the career center, or visited less than twice their senior year?   You know better than anyone, that's barely enough time to create a professional resume, let alone learn how to interview, create a job search strategy, learn how to network and professionally use Social Media.

Because grads invest so little time in developing a career plan, and job search strategy:

    • 80 percent are unemployed on graduation day.
    • It will take the average grad 7.4 months to get a job after graduation.

Is this the career center's fault?  We don’t think so!  

We think students need to take ownership of their careers - while they are in college!  

But, in order for them to do that, they'll need your help.   We've developed a number of programs that will encourage students to take ownership of their careers, provide you more resources, and most importantly, help MORE of your graduating seniors have a job lined up by graduation day.     

What Do You Want to Do?   

1.  Guarantee Employment to Your Grads

NACE Research indicates the average grad took 7.4 months to get a job in 2011.  Assuming an average salary of $3,500 per month, each graduate that walks across the stage on graduation day is going to lose nearly $25,000 in salary because they did not invest time in their career planning and job search strategy.  We work with institutions who want to work toward all graduates having a job by graduation day! 

2.  Build a 24/7 Career Center

Your graduates are living online 24/7, not just on their computers, but on their SmartPhones and SmartPads too!  We work with institutions who are interested in making a difference in more student’s lives and careers by delivering career services anytime, anywhere through any device.

3.  Create a Career Centered College Culture & Curriculum

Unless the career center is a required stop in your student's academic year, they will never be ready for their job search.  We work with institutions that are interested in putting the career center at the heart of the college experience.

4.  Use Social Media Strategies to Drive Student & Employer Participation

You have an incredible opportunity to reach more students with less effort by building a powerful Social Media strategy.  We’ll help you create a successful Social Media strategy that will use the viral nature of Facebook, Twitter, and other tools to increase student participation and visits to the career center.

 5. Use The Career Center as a Recruiting Tool

The career center is viewed by most administrators as a cost center, when in reality it can be a revenue generator.   We work with institutions that are interested in increasing the number of job shadowing experiences, internships and helping more graduates have a job by graduation day.

     6. Shared Resources for your career center  

We are living in a time of limited resources.  Most career centers have seen a 15% cut in their budget making it extremely difficult to continue the level of services students, grads and alumni need in this rapidly changing employment world.  By combining forces and sharing the development of resources your career centers can offer anytime, anywhere, through any device, career curriculum, coaching, advice and more. Download our whitepaper, Shared Services for Career Centers for details!



Let's work together to help more grads get jobs by graduation day!










Resources to Build Your Career Center Strategy!


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Shared Services will enable career centers to offer personalized, scalable, data driven career advice and guidance.


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The average career center has taken a 4.4% budget cut over the past two years!

Now is the time to increase the career center budget, not decrease it.  

We'll show you 10 proven ways to get more resources in this informative report!


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Your career center should be the center of your student's college experience.  

We'll show you twelve ways you can have a massive influence on the campus culture and curriculum by focusing on student's careers!

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