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 Gamification, Points, Leaderboards, Social Media, and Rewards System Encourages Career Ownership & Development of a Career Plan


There is NOTHING available like this on the market today!

CareerTracks is an “in the clouds” career management, e-Learning platform, that delivers career courses, webinars, videos, e-Books and career information to help students and alumni explore career opportunities, learn how to network, build successful job search strategies, and acquire the “soft skills” business leaders say they lack.

CareerTracks  uses gamification, leaderboards, social media, badges, points, a rating system, and wisdom of the crowds to increase participation and build behavior.  The online community environment encourages collaborative learning and the sharing of career information.

You can even add a rewards program to let users turn in their points for products and services.

The CareerTracks technology makes learning career skills, and picking up the latest knowledge more social by giving users the ability to share what they are learning, as well as the levels and achievements they are reaching.  The program is designed to encourage students to create a career plan as they interact with assigned career content.

CareerTracks is remarkably addictive to users!

  Included in CareerTracks!

  1. Student/Counselor Dashboards for quick reviews
  2. Library of curriculum - career related & soft skills
  3. Assignment and meeting tracking system
  4. Internal communication system to one or many
  5. Facebook integration to increase participation and recognition
  6. Badges and points to award achievement and change behavior
  7. Analytics and reports to manage the process

The CareerTracks platform enables counselors to assign our vast collection of career content as well as content they have created, in order to construct a career exploration and management plan that will help students get where they want to go. Most importantly, CareerTracks gives counselors control of the counselor/client relationship and provides more insight and data so they can more quickly advise and coach clients. 

Nothing on CareerTracks goes unnoticed

  • You will instantly have available participation information and analytics you can use to improve engagement. 
  • Your career counselors will be able to send individual or group messages to acknowledge activity or encourage those falling behind.

CareerTracks is what you've been waiting for!

You now have a process and a methodology that will provide students and alumni an engaging fun way to learn what they need to do to build a successful career plan.


Contact us today to discuss how you can use CareerTracks to help your students and alumni build successful career strategies.























 Student/Alumni Dashboard


The user's dashboard reminds them of how many activities they have completed and how many points and badges they have acquired. 

Users can share their achievements through their social media channels.


Counselor Dashboard


The counselor's dashboard provides a variety of reports that identify what stage students are at, which students are excelling, which are falling behind.  

Using the internal communication system counselors can send emails to individuals as well as groups of users. 

CareerTrack will increase:

  • Career ownership
  • Visits to the career center
  • Internships
  • Grads with jobs
  • Alumni with succcessful careers
  • Enrollment
  • Contributions






















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