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Change It!  Create a Career Centered College Culture is packed with research, facts and stats that will convince leadership at your college they will increase enrollment, graduation rates, contributions and alumni satisfaction by creating  a culture that is focused on careers. 

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 The Unemployed Grad, And What Parents Can Do About It, was written to encourage parents to take a part in encouraging students to take ownership of their careers the minute they step foot on campus.

The book shares research and helps parents understand their role in helping you prepare their student for the campus to corporate transition.


 Your alumni are living online! 

Your alumni association has an enormous opportunity to engage alumni of all ages by using Internet tools and strategies.  You can pick and choose from 101 powerful strategies to build a relationship with alumni of all ages.   Pick up a copy of this book today.



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Engaging Grads with Career Programming will give you facts, stats and information on issues grad face today and why your alumni association has an awesome opportunity to build a relationship with them using career programming.


Providing Boomers with Encore Career Programming to Increase Engagement and Contributions is a well documented report that shares why your advancement and alumni relations team have an incredible opportunity to provide career programming to Boomers!

















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