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Employers do not think your grads have the soft skills necessary for their first professional job!

  • An Addeco survey showed 66 percent of hiring managers don’t think new college graduates are prepared for the workplace. 
  • A study by Global Strategy Group found that 47% of C-suite executives believed that fewer than 21% of new grads have the skills needed to advance past entry level jobs.

However most grads think all they need to get a job is a smile and a pigskin.  A Harris Interactive survey showed 44% of grads felt they were ready for their first professional job.  That number reached 70% for grads who had paid internships.

And it’s not just graduates!

  • Manpower’s Talent Shortage Survey showed that 1 in 5 employers worldwide can’t fill positions because they can’t find people with soft skills.
  • A Workforce Solutions Group survey found that more than 60% of employers say applicants lacked “communication and interpersonal skills" - up 10 percent in just two years.

You can help grads & alumni by adding CareerSkills.

CareerSkills is a terrific series for your grads, but will be valuable to alumni too!  This webinar series features authors who talk about soft skills, like communication, leadership, ethics, teamwork, etc., that employers say are lacking.  

Your grads can participate in 9 live or recorded webinars featuring top career coaches, authors and experts in:

  • Communication
  • Strong work ethic
  • Initiative
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism, Confidence
  • Listening

Authors will provide a foundation attendees can build on. Attendees walk away with tips, strategies and ideas they can implement the next day! 

You can add CareerSkills to your Career Management Community at any time. 


Learn how you can use CareerSkills and your Career Management Community to engage Boomers!

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 Help Your Alumni Pick Up "Soft Skills" They Need To Succeed



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Career Management Community

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 Your CareerSkills webinar series will be hosted in your branded Career Management Community.  

The Career Management Community has been designed to deliver webinar series for students, grads, working alumni, unemployed alumni and alumni entering their retirement years. 

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Your benefits!

  • Help grads get jobs.
  • Improve alumni satisfaction
  • Increase hires of your alumni
  • Build your brand with hiring authorities







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