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Your alumni are not happy with their careers!
  • According to a survey by Gallup, an astonishing 70 percent of American workers do not feel they are reaching their full potential.
  • Another study by Kelly Services of 120,000 workers found that a staggering 48 percent are unhappy with their jobs, up 47 percent from last year.
As a result, even with the current high unemployment rate, an alarming 2 million workers quit their jobs each month according to the Department of Labor Statistics.

And, if that is not enough evidence to show you that your alumni are not happy with their careers, a study by Harris Interactive indicates a full 74 percent of employed workers would today consider looking for a new job.

You can provide your alumni another valuable career series!
CareerDiscussions is designed for your working alumni.  The career coaches and authors presented in this series address the issues and concerns working alumni have. Our authors will cover:
  • Dealing with difficult people, including their boss
  • Coping with a lack of empowerment
  • Managing internal politics
  • Overcoming diversity issues
  • How to give and get recognition
  • Preparing for and managing annual reviews
  • Getting up the nerve to quit
  • Techniques to communicate across generational cultures
  • How to sell and promote your ideas and concepts
CareerDiscussions webinars are led by certified career coaches and authors with expertise in these niche areas.  Presenters will share tips and strategies, as well as provide specific language, and, or steps to deal with each area.  Attendees walk away with ideas they can implement to change their workplace environment the next day! 

You can add CareerDiscussions to your Career Management Community at any time.
Learn how you can add CareerDiscussions to your Career Management Community to engage alumni.


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 Help Your Working Alumni Get Advice to Advance In Their Jobs



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 Your CareerDiscussions webinar series will be hosted in your branded Career Management Community.  

The Career Management Community has been designed to deliver webinar series for students, grads, working alumni, unemployed alumni and alumni entering their retirement years. 

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