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Grads are clueless on how to get a job. 
Long gone are the days when all you needed was a phone, the classifieds, and a resume.  Today, a job seeker has to master how to use social media, online community sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and they need to know how to create keyword laden resumes.
A survey of nearly 600 career center directors by the Career Advisory Board (Effectively Counseling Graduating Students) found:
  • 48.1 percent felt their grads did not have the knowledge and skills needed to get a job.
  • 83 percent thought their grads’ resumes were not ready to share.
  • 77.4 percent did not think their students grasped what it takes to get jobs.
It's no wonder, as research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that:
  • 27 percent of seniors don’t even visit the career center.
  • 18.1 percent visit once.
  • 16.2 percent visit twice.
And grads regret not investing time in their careers while on campus. A survey by John J. Heldrich Workforce Development and Adecco show students regret they didn't spend more time networking with alumni, and searching for jobs prior to graduating.
So what can you do about it?
For a variety of reasons grads did not take ownership of their career while in college.  However after they graduate, they have to figure it out on their own.

You can provide the knowledge, skills, and information they need for their first professional job search and it won't take one minute of your time!

CareerCamp is a weekly boot camp webinar series that meets for two weeks after graduation. Our featured career authors helping graduates understand what works and what doesn't work.  They not only provide the information graduates need, but provide a process that will help grads get jobs faster.
  While grads are at home sitting on the couch, they can participate in the live events, or watch the recordings on any device.

Your Class of 2014 is facing an uphill employment challenge.

This fact filled report will show you the issues they face and offer ideas on how you can engage them with career programming.

You will learn how you can be a resource to them - in their time of need!


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Learn how you can add CareerCamp to your Career Management Community to help grads in their first professional job search

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 Help Your GRADS In Their First Professional Job Search



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 Your CareerCamp webinar series will be hosted in your branded Career Management Community.  

The Career Management Community has been designed to deliver webinar series for students, grads, working alumni, unemployed alumni and alumni entering their retirement years. 

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Your benefits!

  • Help grads get jobs.
  • Increase placement rates to help admissions attract more students.
  • Increase alumni satisfaction









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