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With 10,000 Boomers expected to retire DAILY over the next decade, colleges and universities have an enormous opportunity to build relationships with highly experienced, active alumni and engage them in their mission and goals.

But how?

Ironically enough, by providing career programming!

CareerEncores is a webinar series dedicated to Boomers who see retirement on the horizon, but are looking to do something more significant with their experience, knowledge and wealth. 
Studies are showing 31 million Americans are interested in doing something different as they enter their retirement years. They are less interested in living a legacy than they are at living one! 

They are looking to:

  • Give back in an effort to offset the gifts they have received in their career
  • Leave a mark or a legacy that transcends their material wealth
  • Make a difference in one, a dozen or a million people’s lives
Unfortunately few people know what they want to do. 

You have an opportunity to deliver the information they need, when they need it through your Career Management Community.
The CareerEncores webinar series will feature authors and experts who will provide guidance, examples and a path your alumni can follow as they decide what they want to do in their second careers.   After decades of hearing from your office about how they can help the college, wouldn't it be nice to be able to reach out to them to help them?
This report looks at the established trend of Americans who are seeing retirement on the horizon and are looking to give back to society without regard to the position title or pay. You will learn how you can be a resource to them - in their time of need!


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Learn how you can use CareerEncores and your Career Management Community to engage Boomers!


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 Help Your Boomers Live An Active Retirement




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Career Management Community

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Your CareerEncores webinar series will be hosted in your branded Career Management Community.  

The Career Management Community has been designed to deliver webinar series for students, grads, working alumni, unemployed alumni and alumni entering their retirement years. 

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Your benefits!

  • Help Boomers transition into their next career.
  • Easy to adopt "value added" service.
  • You can focus on current responsibilities.
  • Increase alumni satisfaction.
  • Increase contributions.







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