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Your Alumni Are Looking To You To Help Them Advance Their Careers

 Your Career Community will give them access to the knowledge they need, when they need it most!


Research is showing alumni are looking to their alumni association to provide career programming.  

  • The Alumni Attitude Study has consistently shown alumni of all generations are expecting their alma mater to do more to help them lead successful careers.
  • The Olson Zaltman Associates research found alumni are looking for help in the transitions of their lives and recommends alumni associations deliver services designed to fill this need.

Why is this?

It's a terrible job market for new grads, and not all that great for working professionals.  It's getting worse for Boomers who are finding they are losing their edge as companies downsize, or shift job roles and responsibilities to less expensive local, or global talent.

You can provide your grads and alumni access to your own Career Community that will deliver 5  webinar series for alumni who are starting their career, advancing their career, currently looking for a job, or thinking about an "encore career" as they near their retirement years.  All webinars are led by recognized national speakers and authors.  

If you are already offering webinars, use this series to increase participation and engage a greater number of alumni.

Your alumni will have access to:

  1. Live and recorded career webinars 
  2. Current career news
  3. Career discussion boards
  4. Career tools and services by top career providers
  5. Automated career advising

And, they can even build their own career plan!

Your Career Community Includes:

  1. Customized and branded career online community
  2. Polls to gather alumni feedback
  3. Dashboard provides analytics, participation, and reports
  4. Marketing materials to include in current marketing channels
  5. Opt in, branded, webinar reminder service for alumni
  6. Comprehensive customer service support
  7. Customized and branded career portal

You can add optional services too:

  • Career Mentoring
  • Career Coaching
  • Career Job Boards
  • Career Club
We do it all and you get the credit!

Learn how you can use your Career  Community to engage alumni at all stages of their career.

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Career Community

You can engage grads, young alumni, and alumni with a Career Community.  For one low monthly fee you can have an unlimited number of your alumni participate. We do everything.  

We book the top authors, host the events, record them, update your website, and handle any customer service or technical inquiries.  It's turnkey!

Your benefits!

  • Easy to adopt "value added" service 
  • You can focus on current responsibilities
  • Engage alumni monthly with career programming 
  • Increase alumni satisfaction
  • Use as a member benefit service


Increase Participation!

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